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I - Statue Man - El Guapo

Label: Thanks But No Thanks Records - SM/002 • Format: Cassette Album • Country: USA, Canada & UK • Genre: Rock •
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Ola my friends, mi amigos of long ago. How are you? Have you made love to a Latino man since we last spoke? Do you long for his touch, his stone washed jeans and magical loins? I do not write to you today with something good to say. In fact, of late, there have been tears slowly dropping and clinging to I - Statue Man - El Guapo mustache.

My beautiful mustache that is so lustrous in the spring is now damp with Latino sadness. And trust me, Guatemalan tears are often cultivated by gypsies to keep raccoons away, so this is no good. What makes this Mayan descendant fall to his knees and sob? I - Statue Man - El Guapo women of Washington, DC. They have once again conspired to make mi vida hit the brick wall of life. Spring is my favorite time in DC. The skirts get more colorful, shorter and tighter.

The Hill interns skip and hop as they learn the business of giving and taking away hope. The Ivy-league graduates come to my city with their new business suites and glasses ready to change the world. But this year is different. This year something has happened to my city. Is it because I have grown accustomed to the bleach blonde, madras wearing women that have flocked here over the Marinero - Chantal Condor - Marinero 8 years?

Is it some kind of early swine flu that made things different? That made the women different? That made the women crazy? El Guapo! What are you talking about??? I will tell you what me cringe while I walk down the street of my fair city. I will tell you what makes me overlook the Pakistan-like terrain of the National Mall. I will tell you. Ballerina flats. Si, ballerina shoes. The women of DC have for some reason turned to wearing ballerina shoes. Have they done this to spite me?

I think so. Lo siento. Please, por favor, put the heels back on. I cannot take this anymore. Do you know what ballerina shoes do? They do nothing. Elvis Presley - Love In Las Vegas / Roustabout fact, they ruin everything.

They are the footwear equivalent of sweatpants. Every February I start to think about April. In March I start to pace around mi casa thinking about April. Those days are gone. No black man is that smooth? No fingers pointing at Obama. But there were no ugly ballerina shoes when Bush was in town. All I - Statue Man - El Guapo. All the time.

Then Obama comes in with hope, walking on water magic Guatemalan smile and the women of DC forget about shoe etiquette. They might as well donate all their heels to charity. Their calves will never recover. That is wrong. While their calves will never recover, I ask that they put them in the closet to give to their daughters one day. Jones said about heels?

That one day women decided to ruin the world by wearing ballerina flats? It was an ugly time. Want economic proof? Please bring the heels back. You look horrible. Mucho Amor, El Guapo. That is not something I do very often. I mull it turns out. I'm not even sure if that's legal For me, it has been a place for me to write about my thoughts, feelings and daily observations.

All done, from a Guatemalan perspective. Sorry, a mustached Guatemalan perspective. When most have to carry their thoughts in their mind and shoulders, I have had you all. This has truly been a gift. My anonymity has been something that I have held near and dear. This has been good, because I have been able to write whatever I want without having someone attack me verbally or physically. I never liked that. I write this with tears in my eyes, but this is my last blog entry.

They say everyone is on a journey. I just need to find mine. Thank you for all the Black Star - Radiohead - Unplugged, e-mails and pictures over the years. You all are amazing. Something glorious happened today. And to be honest with you, there was nothing that annoyed me more than his being an Argentine and Jewish at the same time. You see, I love the Jews. Love them.

Everything about them. Let me take a moment here… Jewish women… Tan bueno. Anyway, for me, it was a love hate thing. I knew that his being an Argentine would make me want to stay away from him, but knew that I - Statue Man - El Guapo being Jewish would very likely give me the opportunity to meet some lovely members of the tribe. So I never knew what to do. Until today. Today, I met a Brazilian Jew.

There are Jews in Brazil. They wander. Even down there. It turns out that my new Jewish friend had been reading my blog for some time. It also turns out that the Brazilian population in DC enjoys my frequent digs on Argentina. As a thanks, he gave me a gift: I I - Statue Man - El Guapo told it is a kipa. This one, is made in Brazilian colors. You wear it on your head in reverence to G-d.

I was also taught that. A Guatemalan with a mustache wearing a Brazilian-themed kipa. I love this city! It's Friday. I'm about to go out. I had a dream with a red head last night, so I'm looking for her tonight.


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