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Feel The Rhythm - Various - Promo Only UK Club Beats: February 05

Label: Promo Only - POUCB0205 • Series: UK Club Beats - 2005-02 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation, Promo • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Progressive House, House, Electro, Trance
Download Feel The Rhythm - Various - Promo Only UK Club Beats: February 05

Review by patrickq Prog Reviewer. In finding Deep - YUNG BREADCAT - Ascend (Positivity B-Sides) (File, Album) more about the band, I saw two points repeatedly. The first is that Landberk's music is "dark. Or maybe it's the lyrics; the songs are sung in Swedish, of which I have no understanding.

The second thing the internet taught me about Landberk is that the band was known for its use of the Mellotron. They're definitely there, though primarily as an atmospheric or sweeting element. In fact, although there's only one guitarist on the EP Motorpsycho collaborator Nils Reine Fiskethe secondary guitar parts are usually more audible than the synthesizers. I wonder whether Landberk was going for a more radio-friendly alternative sound in - - kind of like Rush - - rather than the big-keyboard sound of the prior decade.

He has a strong, almost operatic voice. The fairer comparison is probably Sting. In terms of alt-rockers of the period, Helje's style is similar to that of Eddie Vedder, but again, with less affect.

Other than the chorus, it's strongly reminiscent of Stone Temple Pilots. It perfectly fits the Prog Archives definition of three stars: good, but not essential. Waltz of the Dark Riddle : The album opens with dreamy track featuring wonderful, very intense interplay between the Mellotron violin ' and flute sectionmelancholical vocals pretty dark lyrics and tender piano runs. The Tree : A slow rhythm with a tight beat, soft Mellotron violins Scott Joplin - The Entertainer a rock guitar sound, topped with emotional vocals.

Gradually the music creates a hugh tension between the raw electric guitar and soaring Mellotron violins. Halfway a swinging rhythm with accordion, emphasing the melancholical atmosphere. Then the music turns into dreamy with a bit high pitched vocals and twanging acoustic Feel The Rhythm - Various - Promo Only UK Club Beats: February 05a prelude to a hypnotizing climate with fragile electric guitar, mellow organ waves and tight drum beats, culminating in a final part with an accellaration featuring emotional vocals, organ and propulsive drums, what a varied and compelling composition!

Pray for Me Now : This song alternates between dreamy, a catchy mid-tempo and bombastic outbursts, the guitar work shifts from sensitive to howling and biting, adding an extra dimension to the dark and emotional atmosphere. The rhythm-section does a great job with a pumping bass and powerful beats and the vocals are again pretty emotional, with dark undertones. Song from Kallsedet : First beautiful interplay between the Mellotron flutes and violins and warm classical guitar, then fragile electric guitar work, with subtle use of slide and sustain.

Finally again that warm interplay between the classical guitar and the Mellotron, how beautiful! It sounds very varied and dynamic, with huge contrasts in the music: from dreamy with tender piano or soaring Mellotron violins to tight rock beats with fiery guitar and bombastic eruptions with emotional vocals, biting guitar and thunderous drums. Halfway an intense guitar solo with mellow organ, another excellent example of emotional prog.

You and I : First twanging classical guitar, melancholical vocals and mellow organ, then swelling Mellotron violins, emotional vocals, blended with warm classical guitar, tight drums and Mellotron flutes in a slow rhythm.

This culminates into an eruption with tender classical guitar runs en majestic Mellotron violins, goose bumps, what a build-up and climax! Finally dreamy with a slowly fading sound of the classical guitar and piano, wow! Lonely Land : This long compositions starts with guitar overdubs solo and twanging and dreamy vocals, in a slow rhythm, soon Mellotron violins and emotional vocals join. Then the music turns into a hypnotizing beat and the sultry sound of the Indian sitar.

After a short bombastic eruption with Mellotron violins the music continues with a long break featuring drums and percussion, to me it sounds a bit too long. Halfway an electric guitar joins, with swelling Mellotron violins, in the end compelling interplay between tight and powerful drums and majestic Mellotron violins, this is trademark Landberk: beween rock and prog, between fragile and bombastic, with dark undertones. What an unique prog effort, very compelling, highly recommended to Tron-maniacs and aficionados of the Nineties New Wave Of Skandinavian Prog!

All three tracks are vocal oriented, deliberate percussion and lucid guitar work mounting an efficient backdrop. The best of these is the opening number, even though it is the shortest. It sounds like the Feel The Rhythm - Various - Promo Only UK Club Beats: February 05 in an alternative universe, both vocally and musically, while being more thrilling than anything by that band.

The remaining numbers are more conventionally Nordic, dark and spare, with subtle complexities and, yes, wondrous mellotron, like conversations in which the intent is succinctly expressed yet never directly conveyed. If you've the time, and only a little for that matter, this EP might whet the appetite for a more sizable investment in the Landberk discography. Review by The Prognaut Prog Reviewer. Having said that, I consider the band's second EP is concise and intense even when at first listen it may show completely the opposite.

Both 'Dreamdance' and 'All Around Me' were marvelously rearranged, if not entirely, essentially altogether. The final versions of these songs considered in the depths of 'Indian Summer', are more digestible and ongoing when the outtakes merged over this EP are strangely different. And by 'strangely different' I mean darker and plagued of this kind of eeriness.

For instance, the intro for 'Dreamdance' is soothed with these female-like distorted chants and it totally reformats the original version we all are acquainted with, providing a new perspective The Continental Drift - The Subcontinentals - The Early Years within.

In 'All Around Me', we can listen the smooth sound of keyboards right at the beginning of the original version and in here, the songs goes right down to it as the sound of the mellotron breaks through. And finally, I left the best part for the end of this review. Instrumental and gloomy. A genuine waltz by all means.

It flows exquisitely paused and relieving. A set of violins have been intertwined as the sparkling novelty in this version, giving the song just the right amount of sensitivity and obscure passion that LANDBERK is used to fully deliver in every recording. Medicine can take away depression, but I still can understand this dark feeling. Indian Summer is the last Landberk album.

This album is sad. And is not for everyone. Maybe not so prog. Absolutely not the progressive Landberk of the early albums. Mellotron and keys are smooth and deep. This work does not focus on skills and technical passages, it's atmospherical, filled with harmonious beautiful chords and vocals. Reccomended to post punk, post rock, and Anedokten-like stuff" fans. Review by Mellotron Storm Prog Reviewer.

The track order is also different between the two versions and in fact these also "sound" a little different because they are different recordings. Maybe it's just me but singing in their own native language just makes this version sound better. Feel The Rhythm - Various - Promo Only UK Club Beats: February 05 is at his intricate best on guitar.

Such a fantastic track including the vocals. I love the instrumental break after 3 minutes as Fiske solos in his own unique style. Nice drum work too. Some accordion in this one. I like the calm half way through the song with mellotron galore. It stays relaxed until there's about a minute left. Gorgeous tune. This one starts to build though halfway through as it turns instrumental.

It kicks in late to end it. The bonus track with Steensland on drums is called "Tillbaka" and it's more of an upbeat tune with plenty of mellotron and chunky bass. Vocals too in this one. Great track but too short. We get a guitar solo halfway through as well that impresses. I have to give this 5 stars because I do think it's a step up from "Lonely Land" which I gave 4. Great drumming from Jonas LIdholm on this one as throughout. It then evolves into a very soft, slow moving song with lots of sensitive subtleties of guitar, keyboards and cymbols which eventually build for the climactic final two minutes of "heaviness.

The highlight for me, aside from the delicate guitar throughout, is the jazzy last especially when Reine's guitar goes into scratchy feedback. Plus Helje's final phrase and note. I love Reine Fiske's traveling guitar feedback: cycling back and forth Feel The Rhythm - Various - Promo Only UK Club Beats: February 05 channel to channel during the third minute.

Then it comes front and center with some harmonics floating around behind for a very cool yet delicate solo. Startlingly sudden ending! The bass is so mesmerizing on this one--and Patric Helje's vocal is so Feel The Rhythm - Various - Promo Only UK Club Beats: February 05 and powerful! I love the additional percussion in the Credits - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - ¡Americano! B section.

Space and harmonic sustain and decay are the champions of this song. The album's real jewel, however, is the finale: "Tell" Beginning with such raw, exposed guitar conveys such tremendous emotion. When Stefan Dimle's bass enters toward Alive - Pearl Jam - Wash My Love end of the second minute, and then Fiske turns to those slow, distorted chords!

And then the entrance of the 'tron! Then guitar feedback like only Hendrix ever mastered! I tell you people, Reine Fiske is an absolute genius! At we are treated to a section of raw emotion that has even more impact! I mean: How much adrenaline can a body produce in the space of six minutes?!! But wait! The final minute gut-punches you again with a pause Is it over?

Best song ofIMHO! Ive Been Waiting For You - Wild Butter - Wild Butter grown accustomed to favoring the band's final album together as I Just Called To Say I Love You - Fausto Papetti, Candy Dulfer, Kenny G - Platinum Collection 3 In masterpiece, but this one is, to my mind and ears, also worthy of that designation.

I get so enmeshed in the work of astounding genius Reine Fiske that I might find it difficult to be more objective about the value of Landberk's contributions to the world of progressive music. Review by Warthur Prog Reviewer.


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