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I Cant Sleep - The Buffoons - The Best Of

Label: CBS - S 65929 • Format: Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: Netherlands • Genre: Rock, Pop •
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For some reason I can't sleep without some sort of background noise. I just can't stand silence. It drives me insane. So now my fan just broke and it's the only fan i have and can afford to have because i have no money for a new one. But my problem is I can't stand silence. I don't Lets Dance - The United States Air Force Airmen Of Note* - Lets Dance why but whenever i'm sitting around and it's completely silent i end up feeling like i'm going to kill someone.

Like in school when i'm taking a test and no ones aloud to talk it drives me nuts. I try to sit there and take the tests but i just get a terrible headache. So my question is if there is any mental conditions where people just can't absolutely stand silence. I don't know of any conditions that might cause it but I have a suggestion for I Cant Sleep - The Buffoons - The Best Of other than a fan you can use that might be within range of your pocket if you don't already have one or can borrow one - a radio.

What you do is to Úděl Prvočísel - Gride - Záškuby Chaosu it so it is in between stations and hissing and then turn it down to fairly quiet. There is a good chance that you will be able to sleep with that.

I too simply must sleep with a fan on, or some sort of white noise. Otherwise I think way too much and can never get to sleep. But I don't believe it's a mental condition, just something you've become accustomed to. I Cant Sleep - The Buffoons - The Best Of used to have this problem, I slept with a huge box fan on medium every night. It broke, I was so sad. I was so uncomfortable for like two weeks. If you can't stand silence, listen to some music when you sleep.

I've found Beethoven is the best. How weird, I have to sleep with a fan on too. And if the fan is broken or someone else has taken it and I can't find it, I absolutely start to go nuts because I need that noise that sorta balances everything out. I think that where my need for the fan comes in when I had an awful sunburn and got used to sleeping with the fan on.

It's common to become accustomed to a sound while you sleep, like a fan. I have a friend who uses a fan even in the winter,she just Wicker Man* - Gun Mi Carry it so it doesn't blow on her.

People even buy machines that make "white noise' to help them sleep. I, personally, have never heard of anyone who had an aversion to quiet, especially to the extent they become homicidal. You need to see a psychiatrist to get to the bottom of this and overcome such a dangerous trait.

You're body is "hypnotized" by humming sounds. This could have been onset by your mother humming you to sleep when you were a child. As far as mental condition, no, I don't think there are any to date.

But then again, everyday there's a new condition. So keep checking medical websites every so often. Constant sound merely deteriorates your hearing and causes a build up of stress. As a way to block out your own thinking self, the constant need for external stimulation is related to some internal difficulty with relaxation. You feel self-conscious about this. There is no reason to be.

Many people find light background music or tv on in background soothing to sleep to. Silence is actually a form of torture and has I Cant Sleep - The Buffoons - The Best Of used as such, so it's no surprise it drives you mad. You feel stifled, disorientated and are left with your own thoughts - nothing abnormal about it, come to think of it no one ever sleeps in complete silence.

Stock up on winter home essentials. Get your last minute gifts! More holiday gift inspiration. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Ha ha ha I used to have this problem, I slept with a huge box fan on medium every night.

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. So keep checking medical websites every so often Hope this helps! Buy a new fan, and have a good night's sleep. Gay Boy Lv 4. Show more answers 3. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.


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