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Regeneracion / C.F.D.L. - Regeneracion / Love, Beer And Chaos!

Download Regeneracion / C.F.D.L. - Regeneracion / Love, Beer And Chaos!

This is my complete list, most of the records are for sale, not all. Not interested in trading anymore. If you wanna buy sth, just ask for the prices. Agathocles - Agarchy Flabby Rec. Chaos Destroy - Music not music Not very nice Rec. Constricted - A sichkand desperate need Answer Rec. Fact Crude - Just go go ahead H. Master - The fear of god H. Fact Dispense - Nothing but the truth No Rec. Demo Tracks from ?

Fact Pushead Cover? End the Warzone - Comp. Endless Demise - No conception of time lim. Godzilla Theologian Rec. Fact Regeneracion / C.F.D.L. - Regeneracion / Love.

Forefront Rec. Live GO! Limited edition Rec. Hisataka - Dirty Dog Answer rec. What I Am - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - Shooting Rubberbands At The Stars Skinny Dip Rec.

Carcass Grinder, Flash Gordon etc. Blurred Slight Slappers, etc. Fact Order - Kombinat H. Fact Order - Punk Navigation H. Valse Trist, Katastrophialue, etc. Head Anger - split Discrete Rec. Disaffect, Resist, Pist, Def. Rupture - Filthy Habit H. Yeah Mate Rupture - Live e. Rupture - Forceps Resistance Prod.

Repress lim. Hate Ape Edition lim. SOB - Leave me alone Selfish orig. Wasteland Industrial We know how can we get peace Argue Damnation, Absent, etc. What if you were born like this?

Diarhea Rec. Menace to sobriety Rec. Eu press, blue vinyl - LP H. Dischord SOA, G. A A tribute to Regeneracion / C.F.D.L. - Regeneracion / Love - Comp. Pelea Rec. Kegger M. Tear it up Rec. Spinefarm Rec. When humans attack rats rec. Dominator Rec. Adelaide Comp. Beer And Chaos! marbled vinyl Ataque Sonoro - comp. LP Ataque Frontal Rec. Axewield - Wisdom of Doom Crust War 41 orig. Bastard Noise - A culture of monsters red vinyl, lim.

Euro tourorange vinyl Beating the Meat - Comp. Xcentric Noise Rec. Sods, Electric Deads, etc. Bloodstains across Europe - Comp. Bloodstains across the Midwest - Comp. Gizmos, Toxic Reasons, etc. Really Red,Stains, Huns, etc. Bloodstains across the U. Regeneracion / C.F.D.L.

- Regeneracion / Love - Comp. Machines, Lucy, Blanks, Art Attacks,etc. Bloodstains across the world 2 - Comp. Fegs, Zoom, Dezerter,etc. Bloody Belgium Comp. SOA Rec. Chaos UK - Short sharp shock C. New Alliance Rec. Crude - Immorality Deranged Crude S. Beechwood Music Mule, Tulips, Cell, etc.

Deep in the throat of Texas - Comp. DoLP 1in12 Rec. Eye Of Thrash Guerilla - comp. LP selish Rec. Straight Up Rec. Crude, Knucklehead, etc. Fear of God - As status fell Off the disc Orig. Bastards Fiesta comes alive - Comp. Slap a Ham 40 Spazz, Crossed out, Cap. Cas, etc. Final Conflict - Ashes to ashes Pusmort Orig. Blue Cover damaged, number eached out Boot? Bonus 7" Regeneracion / C.F.D.L. - Regeneracion / Love. LP Pogar Rec. LP Uproar Rec. G-ANX, Strebers, etc. DoLP Boot?

Sealed Holland Hardcore 3- comp. DoLP Abuse Rec. Bitzcore House not dead, house not dread - comp. Redrum Zero Boys, Really Red, etc. Killed by Death Vol. Redrum Nubs, Kids, etc. Redrum Seizure, Haskelss, etc. Redrum Vomit Pigs, Cringe, etc. Konton damaging ear massacre - comp. Hammer Rec. Alternative Action Rec.


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