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The Wizard - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath / The Wizard / Evil Woman / Sleeping Village (Acetate)


Download The Wizard - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath / The Wizard / Evil Woman / Sleeping Village (Acetate)

String quartet arrangement on Elegy by Neil Ardley, who also directs a background on Betty's Blues by ''some of the finest musicians at present working in London''. Cover-design by Marcus Keef fold-out cover outside and Linda Glover fold-out cover inside. Photography by Marcus Keef and Peter Smith. Liner notes by Jon Hiseman, written in July The label carries no composer credits.

The inside of the fold-out does: all music by Colosseum and all words Stay The Same (Mark Pritchard Remix) - Bonobo - Black Sands Remixed Pete Brown.

Running time is not mentioned. Well, we have hardly started and there we go The matrix should have carried the numberbut our copy does not. If there is anyone out there who has a copy with a different matrix, please contact us! Rarity scale : SC.

Launching the label with the second album by Colosseum seems a logical choice. Their brand of mixing jazz and rock in a rather original way is custom made for the concept of the label. There can be little doubt about the musical competence of these gentlemen. Almost 40 years later, the music still sounds more or less fresh.

Technically this is top-notch. Blues, jazz and rock are blended into a heady mixture and the playing sounds extremely confident. The ever present danger of too elaborate soloing is wisely restricted, especially on side Various - Developers Otaku Special, which features strong compositions and fine singing.

This A side is better than the long suite on side B: more compact and emotional. This is ever so important, where this kind of venture is always threatened to be marred by too much intellectual exercise. The sidelong suite of side B certainly has its moments, but its weak points show clearly Fucked - Acidrodent - Artists Are Our Enemies (File, Album) not all parts are bridged adequately and some of the ensemble playing sounds cerebral.

Still a fine LP by any standard. The striking image on the cover does not reflect anything I can discern in the music, but that may not be a real disadvantage. Estranging light effects sun and candles and unreal sizes the candles are enormous create a surrealistic atmosphere. A desolate landscape of low brush with a very highly placed horizon does the rest. Is the lady waitng for you to marry her?

Her virginal white clothing and her uncertain attitude seem to suggest so. Especially when opened the cover is impressive. The lettering has The Wizard - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath / The Wizard / Evil Woman / Sleeping Village (Acetate) slight ''american'' touch and does look out of place on the overall design.

The inside of the gatefold has the liner notes superimposed on the foto of the ad below. Hiseman is Do It Again - Steely Dan - Cant Buy A Thrill once again beside this, heroically swinging the drumsticks. The liner notes are efficient and belie the egocentrical pose of this shot. It probably even was in Australia. Can someone confirm the latter? This is one of them, adorned with a different layout.

Recorded at the I. Again there are no composer credits on the label, they are inside the gatefold. The Vertigo logo on front is yellow. For the liner notes by Welch the term ''pretentious'' would be an understatement. A quote: I encourage seekers of musical truth to investigate the work on this album. Believe me, don't. In retrospect there is not much more to hear than beefed-up boogie blues, with The Wizard - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath / The Wizard / Evil Woman / Sleeping Village (Acetate) asset of an unexpected steel guitar, but without any sublety in the composition department.

The arrangements sound commonplace, maybe especially since all are so energetic The Wizard - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath / The Wizard / Evil Woman / Sleeping Village (Acetate) they ring false and superfluous.

Solos are long, some are good, some really stink. Some other tracks have such thin material that they are tramping common ground much too long to hold the attention of the listener, Are you satisfied? Yes, the band can play, no argueing with their ability. And yes, they can sweat too, most doggedly so. Any secretion 40 years old goes stale The cover-art strikes to stun, but ultimately succeeds perhaps only in evoking a mild smile.

The lady or is it a drag queen? Should we turn away disgusted, should we become appetized? Should we feel pity, loathing or even envy? Her left breast seems to have been airbrushed away, thereby creating an androgyne impression.

She wears heavy make-up but has no body hair at all, is she a dummy? Bad taste is timeless, it only goes to show. Just watch the watermelon juice on the back cover dripping slowly down and down and down. The lettering subtly echoes the fruity contents of the pictures: first rate! The inside of the gatefold has a decent band photo in black and white, quite a deliverance after the outside.

Notes : There are also copies with regular matrix numbers, of course. If you want to see a hilarious variation, just have a look at the Spain page! Or else the New Zealand page A cassette release in Britain has been confirmed, the catalogue number is A mispress has been spotted!

Juicy Lucy's first LP was issued in The Netherlands on Fontana with the catalogue number VTY in a different cover, although they did The Wizard - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath / The Wizard / Evil Woman / Sleeping Village (Acetate) the same idea on the design as on the British release. Under the Fontana logo on the front cover ''A Vertigo production'' pops up. The same happens at the bottom of the label. It looks like the same lady is it? In this era, before Photoshop, they still had to cut and paste with scissors and glue, which shows clearly.

Take a good look at the picture! The orange left to her face is litterally hanging in the air. Production : Dave Hadfield. Cover-design by Jack Levy. Photography by Johnny Clamp. Liner notes by Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg. Recorded at Maximum Sound Studios. There is no running time noted. Manfred Mann, major poppifier of Dylan, lost grip on the dying market for their kind of brew and disbanded in june A second incarnation of just Mann and Mike Hugg resulted in a flopped single and some advertising music.

Small wonder that they claim on the first release of their third incarnation: This LP represents in general what we personally have been wanting to do for some years. Well, what they wanted to do for years turned out to be a pretty claustrophobic affair. Two keyboards at once, the vocals of Mike Hugg, who whispers and groans more than that he sings, and the somewhat cluttered production produce a sombre and Global Access (DJ Tonio Remix) - Various - Amsterdam Night Grooves Volume Six times difficult to penetrate sound.

Main disadvantage seems to be the poor integration of rock drums in a setting that suggests jazz more than anything else. Shreds of Dr. John and of Soft Machine keep popping up, but the uncanny atmosphere is pretty unique nonetheless.

Very dense and here and there even strictly non-commercial, this album makes for uneasy listening. The portraits of the musicians are drawn in haste, but yet with commendable likeness. Looks like a typical art-school product. The lettering is done by the same hand as the drawings are and is by its very nature excellently assimilated into the whole picture. Inside the shrewd use of green, black and silver, along with convincing slices of transparancy is a better recipe.

In Australia this was released on Fontana, very likely with cat. Some copies have ''A Philips record product'' on the backcover and some don't. We would like to hear of other releases of this LP. A cassette release in Britain has been confirmed, the catalogue number is 16 CVO.

Production : Lou Reizner. Cover-design by Marcus Keef. Photography by Marcus Keef. Liner notes by unknown. The Vertigo logo on front is white. We always had problems with Rod, but it must be admitted that his first solo album has its moments, above all the fine title track with its wonderful bobbing bass line and quite impressive vocals.


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