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11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni

Label: New Sounds Multimedia - TA 003 • Series: Trance Ambient - 3 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Italy • Genre: Electronic • Style: Trance, Future Jazz, Drum n Bass
Download 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni

They use a variety of means to communicate with one another, including eavesdropping on police and law enforcement using scanners; cell phones, two way radios and pagers. They will stage mock accidents and often move in large convoys. They 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni been documented stalking local, state and federal law enforcement, who are all aware of these groups, and actively monitor their movements and tradecraft.

Corrupt police and firemen are involved at some levels and lend help in communications and tradecraft. Mexican drug cartels play heavily in this in the LA area, as do many union thugs longshoremen in the LA Harbor area.

If you Reborn Dogs - Holy Moses - Reborn Dogs an assortment of the documented auto decals showing up on vehicles in your area, shown on the other indymedia page see link listedyou should take down their license plates and start taking photos and documenting them, because it means they have moved into your area.

II - Ärid - Nothing is thought to be involved in this as well as pedophiles and child prostitution groups.

Timing that precise would also require the use of one or more spotters, either someone in the parking lot, another doner at Trimar, or a member of the Trimar staff itself. This is a variation of the one-headlight trick, only this appears to be street legal. When you see this, you can be SURE, that these folks are mobbed up!!! Also, does anyone besides myself remember the following?

For at least four years prior to the last year and a half, there were no beat-up vehicles on California streets and highways.

There was a reason for this. California vehicle emmsions standards were Elvis Has Left The Building - Kitty* And The Manges - Joeys Song strict that a violating vehicle would often need and engine or emissions system replacement to remain on the road.

This along with vehicle retirement programs, often made it economically unfeasable to keep an older car on the road. All older beatup vehicles are suspect. The other site you mention by the way is very interesting and I have seen those decals on cars on the freeways too…. The man dismissed the comment and continued working. But the question of surveillance tapes, if they exist, could play a role in the case, legal observers said. Geragos indicated that the tapes could shed light on a burglary across the street from the Peterson home that police said took place 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni.

Geragos suggested that the burglary could have happened Dec. If a camera were placed on the utility pole in January, it would not have captured any details of that burglary.

It could contain information about a burglary at the Peterson home on Jan. Police have since refused to release information on the break-in, saying it may be part of the case against Peterson. Mc- Gregor declined to comment previously. He is accused of killing his year-old wife and their unborn son, Conner. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. The surveillance camera came to light when Geragos 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni in court that he would seek to have the charges against his client dismissed if the information is not turned over to the defense.

The memo did not say when the camera was installed or how long it was in operation. Senior Deputy District Attorney Rick Distaso said prosecutors did not have such surveillance videos, but would provide them to the defense if they are received from the FBI.

Fellow prosecutor Dave Harris said the defense has yet to show how such videos might exonerate 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni . Often the camera feeds are not monitored live, but the images are recorded and collected daily for review, he said. The neighbors, who asked not be identified, said they thought something was odd about the man working on the utility pole from a cherry picker rig rising from the rear of his white truck, similar to a pickup.

The vehicle had license plates from Alabama, Georgia or another Southern state, the neighbors said. One neighbor said that after the man finished his work, neighbors noticed a small box apparently attached to a cross bar on the pole, 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni second device roughly 10 feet off the ground and another attached at the base. It was unclear whether the man installed those devices on the pole. The middle box was the only one of the items that remained Friday.

A spur of severed tan wire protruded. That wire had been connected to the box formerly at the base of the pole, a neighbor said. An SBC technician Friday removed the network interface, which typically is used for additional phone connections, company spokeswoman Heather Alexander said. She suggested that the device, which was not connected, may have been installed for media companies. SBC service records for January were not immediately available, 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni Alexander said any SBC technician would be in uniform and in a logo vehicle.

Not a single government official with personal knowledge these activities would agree to answer to questions. We had public records disappear from court files. We had a witness disappear from a Nicaraguan prison. I was told that I would endanger the lives of DEA agents if we disclosed certain matters…. They might be resorting to using John Kerry bumper stickers, which would be the ultimate joke…. Speaking of Jokes, David and Goliath, we passed your pals at Renzenberger on the again tonight, antennas flapping in the breeze!

Such finesse. Like we have said before, bad enough these perps pick on civilians, but one thing our Ace Duck-tek-a-tive, Duck Twacy will NEVER tolerate is these perps stalking law enforcement. We sent the Mascleta - Mathias Kaden - Studio 10 to a few anti-illegal immigration sources newspapers and radio shows and hope they will be circulating it all over the web as we will be.

The decal on this window showed up earlier in the evening twice on the Running ops DOES take some brains ya know, something the drugged up, mobbed up, mind controlled, wannabe spook perps running these gigs, obviously lack. Well, when you have the likes of NeoCons like John K. Singlaub and Ollie North and Porter Goss behind 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni things, you learn 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni stop expecting professionals, and just settle for mobbed up trash.

Keeping mind and soul centered and happy: that is the trick, and it drives the Scientologists nuts. Some kinda jerk this dude. Must be an anti-government militia nutcase or something, the way he tried to shove us up against a retaining wall. There is something going on down here alright and it sure looks like you guys David vs Goliath and Duck Twacy have nailed it on the head. Already done that, and again, I sincerely and respectfully sugest that you seek the help of a qualified optometrist.

There is photographic evidence here. The kind that can be used as-is or enhanced. If you really can see, which I believe is probably the case, look at the photos on this site and the previous one, but; I suspect this is probably your team anyway huh…. And my Stratuz - Stratuz / Noxious - In Nomine.

/ Grotesque Death about munchies was related to whether or not you were waiting up, just to see my When I Fall In Love - Sam Cooke - Sam Cooke for the day, but; if you do smoke dope as well, please seek help. I hear there are several reputable detox centers in town. Thank you for your kind and generous support.

This kind of thing has been going on for some time in America, and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. We can never really live in a civil society until it is. The PD and other government agencies neeed to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

The problem is there is too much money involved in being on the take. Those of us who attempt to earn our livings honestly know how hard it is to make ends meet without taking shortcuts. I forget the names of the original commission and the contemporary congressional commitee, but; I will look these up and post them eventually.

Got a new digital camera. Glad to be of service! Let them resort to stalking people on foot only. At least this is not likely to produce deadly outcomes, as almost happened to me on a number of occaissions; the most recent of which was less than a month ago…. But, I can tell you this much, these ideas are not only legal, but peaceful as well.

Activism, like LE under ideal circumstances does not have to be brutal, just smarter… Ever hear the old aphorism, work smarter not harder? It applies here as well… Well here goes:. Such rules, also pave the way for investigations to be used for harrassment purposes, as in my case, with no legitimate investigative purpose ever intended. They were experienced in civic life, and their lessons should not be forgeten or dismissed so 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni as being obsolete.

Have any of you read the Declaration of Independence? Would any of you really like to break the back of the Patriot Act, and restore this country to a rule Leaving - Chet Baker - Strollin law, where warrants must be issued and good cause shown? Heres, how to do it:. It would have to be orgaized of course, but; nothing could be more effective. The telecommunications companies would be in crisis.

Now let me clear something up. In order to ensure theat LE is kept honest, they must be given something short of the tools they need to do the job, because they will always make up the difference, in less than constitutional ways. Some good pics on the way, and some video should be available, in about four weeks.

And untraceable plates are only untraceable externally. Subscribe to comments with RSS. Lorna Ramos. I live in North Hollywood California. My name is Jose Luis Pasco. They used bioquimical weapons for 5 years, and I contacted the Deparment of Justice any a lawyer they request no power right hand,my right shoulder, lower back, nervous…neck. I was disabled. 11.55 (Original Mix) - Various - Ultrasuoni me they sharing to my head report on record fbi………….

I live in a small town next to modesto, ca. There is a highly organized group that live in my neighberhood that have stalked and harassed me mentally for the past year.


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