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Pest Och Pina - Lik* - Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer

Label: Blut & Eisen Productions - none • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Limited Edition • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. LIK is a curious side project of Graav, who Lack - Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs! be better identified with the Swedish cult black metal act Armagedda.

This year, a resurgence of interest in the project has manifested in a release of all three LIK albums through Frostscald Records, with comely if minimal new packaging, and ultimately, a decision from Graav to resurrect the Telepathy - Swans - The Great Annihilator and have it remain concurrent with his other bands.

It's immediate from the first track "Pest Och Pina" here that Graav's aim was to infuse black metal with stripped, rock tones and soaring, gloomy folk vocals that Herbert Howells, Kathryn Stott, Malcolm Stewart, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic*, Vernon Handley - Pia apart from much of the 'depressive' minimalist or ambient extremes of the black metal genre.

The primary differences come in the vocals and the use of the very humble drumming. The drums on this record pop like a garage band from the 60s, and while they might seriously turn away the fan of your typical blasting extremity, I think they really help to set this work apart.

I also like the mix of more brazen chords with very cheaply patterned streams of flowing, eerie melodic notes and the occasional entrance of a haunting synthesizer. The vocals visit a number of territories, from mute whispers to traditional black rasps to the aforementioned clean, full-bodied vocals that seem to settle in the region of Gothic rock. It alternates between two patterns of note picking, and the drums surge beautifully beneath.

Frankly, this is the most intriguing track of the LIK debut, and I wish there had been a little more like Hideous - Various - Mixture (Part 4). The final track "Bortom Allt Liv" opens with a lengthy, distorted guitar droning off in muted hues of sorrow, ぬれて 大阪 - Various - 盛り場 演歌カラオケ集 joined by a second for a full-bodied flush feeling.

Several tracks on the album seem to lack bass, or Pest Och Pina - Lik* - Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer the bass is turned quite low in the mix as to be nigh audible. This would seem to be purposely to leech the warmth out of their effects upon the listener, but I'm not sure it assists in the overall tone.

Thankfully, it's more prevalent in some of the tunes like "Nannlos". It is somewhat shy of a perfect excursion, due to the often restrained journey back into the all too familiar tones of repetitive, subtler black metal, but the mix of these with the rustic rock elements and the tinny drumming is surely a reason to pay a visit to its foreboding climate. Conjoined efforts between the black metal and rock genres are not unheard of.

Bands like Fleurety, In The Woods… and Forgotten Woods could not be concealed from revealing their true identities and with it, they were beginning to fuse small doses of rock music into their black metal soundscapes and it worked wonders for the genre, giving it a more experimental feel than was previously felt over the early years of the second wave which paved the way Pest Och Pina - Lik* - Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer blasphemous incantations of a unrelenting cold character.

Though Joyless cropped up a few years after bands like Fleurety were signalling their intent, the Norwegian act were gaining more recognition for the style that saw the sexy and sultry voice of Ida lead the way.

There are many things which make Joyless a true legend of the black rock scene and this includes the innovative use of such a distinctive female vocalist, who shines despite the depressive characteristics of the caliginous band.

Perhaps the occult black rock description Curriculum Vitae (Original Mix) - Dj Randy & Javy Groove - Big Team Ep off putting to the average fan of really forceful black metal that mostly entertains raw soundscapes in a typically abrasive Swedish style. Also making this bands omission from the public eye is the fact that they have been around a bit longer than Lifelover.

The two bands have line-ups that suggest they should not be simply forgotten based on how well known the musicians are since, for example, Lifelover have the depressive icon Kim Carlsson and Lik have two well established musicians in A.

It may be adventurous, it may be brave, but it is absolute and has very clear aims which make it all the more enjoyable. Sounding Pest Och Pina - Lik* - Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer to the early Joyless sound, which is essentially a reworking of old Forgotten Woods tales, this record has a set path and is very methodical in reaching its goals. Both musicians work tirelessly together to create a really dark atmospheric piece that requires great attention to detail since it is multi-layered and has multi-functional devices that delve deeper into dark emotional patterns concerning ideas of mysticism, religion and spirituality.

There is something in the clean vocals, which are soulfully chanted as if the band were performing a ritual, which makes this a very spiritual performance, giving the band an edge over others in the field.

A lot of what makes this record an undoubted success is similar to that of bands like Joyless. The unforgettable guitar riffs alongside a quirky bass which holds black metal musings in a high esteem.

The bass is really driven. It possesses qualities of a black metal kind and is often very repetitive under the surface. This allows the guitars to do most of the experimenting on the surface, whilst the chanted and eerie vocals, which occasionally rely on the odd rasp here and there, spout out the religious material amidst the mystical soundscapes.

The songs have a habit of plodding along before bursting into mysterious life with excellent use of an infectious drumming style which draws me back to my argument that Lik are a lot like Joyless, who also have a very similar sounding drum and percussion section, with very prominent double bass.

It blends well known elements which a classic occult style. Enjoy the darkness. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Privacy Policy. Buy from Write your own review.


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