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Drink Up - Brutal Truth - End Time

Label: Relapse Records - 7632312 • Format: CD Album Box Set Limited Edition • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Grindcore
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Grindcore is a rage-filled form of art that has been tried and true for nearly twenty years with very few bands have been able to perfect the aggressive nature of it, and Brutal Truth are one of the American Godfathers in that respect.

There are a lot of pieces of this album that hold the grindcore flag high and proud, but it has also has this doom and sludge feeling on top of the already aforementioned grind.

Nice work. It is a great new approach from a band that has been around and seen and done it all when it comes to death metal and grindcore. I love seeing veterans of the genre coming out with fresh material, and this is no exception. Go get Shadow Factory - Various - Cascades album and prepare to be blown away.

So, this is the end: with globalized internet House Cleaning - James Horner - Apollo 13 (Music From The Motion Picture), we see more and more extreme catastrophes than anyone could've imagined back five years ago. Brutal Truth are here to declare the decaying wastes of our own Western society, with their modern view and caustic grind.

With the previous full-length, there seemed to be an urgency with new guitarist, Erik Burke, who seems to feel the need to control the band ha with his fresh, chaotic ideas.

Nowpossibly and probably after a shit-load of live performances, Erik has found his groove in grind, so as to 'slip n slide' his way along with the pure low-end avalanches of Dan; the unending malevolent clockwork of Hoak; and the tried and true preachings of Kevin.

There The Faceless Man - Slatsher - Human Light Leakage a definative undercurrent of urban grind to be experienced here. The first few listens are utter chaos and discomfort. When and if you finally catch on, you will 'get it' like you got it 15 years ago, if you're old enough. It will bring you back to that day cruising downtown, locating that underground music shop you got word about Popping that one album into the car stereo, then burning back across town, that feeling is ghosted with this disc.

Along with the care-free freedom and un-informed bliss that comes with not knowing that Our western culture may be at its end. Let chaos reign. Drink Up - Brutal Truth - End Time their amazing debut album "Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses", it seems that Brutal Truth just wasn't pleased with the idea of basic grindcore.

Now I have nothing wrong with experimentation, in fact I love it. However, what's the one thing needed for experimentation to work? It needs creativity, which is one thing Brutal Truth seems to lack, but that doesn't seem to stop the New Wir Begrussen Unsere Weissrevolution - Protest - Натиск grindcore band from trying as hard as they can to stand out.

Now, I'll admit there is much, much worse "experimental" grindcore out there I'm looking at you Cephalic Carnage but the main issue with Drink Up - Brutal Truth - End Time Truth experimentation isn't that it's bad, but forgettable, Drink Up - Brutal Truth - End Time is the case for this album.

There are various issues with this album, but let's start with the main issue in my opinion, the production. I'm still in shock that something sounds this bad could have actually been released on a major label, but then again, this is the same band who thought "Sounds of the Animal Kingdom" sounded good so I guess I can't be too shocked.

It's almost as if the band did everything in their power to drown out the guitars to make them almost inaudible over the drums, to the point where the only time you can even make out a single riff is when there are no drums, which plays a big part in why this album is so forgettable.

I've listened to this album nearly 5 times, and I still can't remember any good riffs. Now let's move on to the drumming. I have never heard such disregard for rhythm in my life, and this is grindcore! A genre Drink Up - Brutal Truth - End Time the drumming is usually just machine gun blast beats and out of all the grindcore I've heard, this just might be the worst grindcore drumming I have ever heard.

Obviously simple blast beats aren't good enough for Brutal Truth so instead they have this terrible, obnoxious and overall incompetent style of drumming. It's as if the drummer is trying as hard as he can to create something unique for grindcore and it just ends up as a complete mess that drags the album down.

With piss poor drumming, barely audible guitars and virtually nothing to remember about this album, it makes me wish Brutal Truth would have taken the route of bands like Bolt Thrower and stick with the style they play best instead of trying to create some new sound for grindcore when they have proven time and time again that they just don't have the creativity Sister Surprise (Single Version) - Gary Numan - Warriors do so.

You will get virtually nothing out of it. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

Privacy Policy. Buy from End Around The World - Aqua - Aquarius Brutal Truth.

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