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Chant Dub - Jah Massa /, Electric Sheep - Chant Dub / Naked Mood


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Very nice. Never done a Third Ear Band cover as such but I'm in the habit of absorbing their alchemical medievalism in my own music! Words cannot describe this ecstatic dance Electric Sheep - Chant Dub / Naked Mood sound, or explain the alchemical repetiton seeking and sometimes finding archetypal formes, elements and rhythms Glen Sweeney on "Alchemy", Harvest Records Each piece is as alike or unalike as blades of grass or clouds".

From the Isle of Wight concert programme. I'm at Glastonbury most of the time, but we're all completely honest about it. If you Electric Sheep - Chant Dub / Naked Mood lyrics, you are preaching in a way. Somehow words are a block to communication. It's almost impossible for me to explain exactly how I feel about this, that's why I'm a musician. The only way to really understand what I mean, is to firstly listen to a pop group and then listen to us, and then I hope you will know what we're trying to say.

Glen Sweeney to Muz Murray, Their approach to music is different because there is no duality, no conflict between the natural element of chance and the human element of control, did the moon ask to be reflected in the water? This worked his mind to such a pitch, he lay distracted in a ditch considering how to run". Third Ear Band, We do ragas, that aren't really ragas at all, and unless we get a turned on promoter, we get into some weird scenes.

At Norwich once, when the promoter saw the audience sitting down and closing their eyes to our music, he accused us of putting them to sleep! Complete paranoia. We've stayed very much Underground - no photos - and I think this was necessary so people wouldn't put us in a bag. We'd rather the just came up and heard us without ANY preconceived ideas. It's not really Indian music, although we use a drone instead of the usual bass line riffs.

The music draws from everywhere. We make no announcements and none of the numbers have titles. People in colleges we play come up after and say they can get fantastic images in their mind when they listen.

We can offer a complete dream. The old Celtic bards used to have the same ability". It can even be linked to the music of the spheres which states that the vibrations of the planets can be heard with the third ear silence.

The free ragas that we play are modal, each note can be heard as a sound-colour that produces its own mood. We played quieter and quieter. In the end they seemed ashamed and shut up. But I still don't think they dug the music! Edited since by Luca Ferrari. After Stone Breath 's cover and I Monster 's remix, also a band from Bristol UK has recently recorded a cover version of " Chant Dub - Jah Massa / ", the controversial song sung by Keith Chegwin and included on the "Macbeth" film soundtrack.

Even if I Electric Sheep - Chant Dub / Naked Mood like the track the same Glen Sweeney considered it just a colossal crap Anyway, it's been the occasion to ask guitarist James McKeown and singer Maria Charles some questions about it So I was aware of the name. He leant me a copy Longwood State - Teddy Bass - Blade Runner the "Elements" album, which I enjoyed and found very hypnotic, I then purchased the Macbeth soundtrack and worked backwards".

Maria : "I was introduced to TEB's "The Magus" by friend and fellow musician Lord Gammonshire, "I the key", being my favourite track due to it's hypnotic repetitive drumming, in combination with the heady swirling medieval psych qualities.

This would be my second choice if we decided to cover another of TEB's tracks, as both the vocal and lyrics are enchanting but with a dark pagan edge". James : "As a band we are influenced and informed by many areas of culture — obviously music, but also areas such as film, art, architecture, literature etc.

Eventually and after much experimentation and practice we arrived at the version we are releasing which retains the minimalism of the original and the strong original vocal melody, but adds some of our own style, in terms of the melody and structure.

This was a nice synergy between our music, influences and direction". Hi-Fiction Science The words have been adapted perfectly to fit into the song, and the line 'Oh your two Electric Sheep - Chant Dub / Naked Mood will slay me suddenly', and it's repetitiveness within the track is beautifully contageous".

What do you think about the TEB music, above all about the first two albums? Interesting ideas in the music are the drones, the pagan darkness, a primal simplicity and the way that a parallel could be drawn between their music and some modern classical music that uses minimalism, repetition and drones — such as Terry Riley or Steve Reich.

What about your experience in music your story? They had both previously played in Bristol based psychedelic dronesters Suncoil Sect. Initially we were a very loose jam based band playing quite heavy, extended A Whiter Shade Of Pale - Various - My Generation instrumental pieces.

Our original drummer Jack Stanbury left to emigrate before we had a chance to play any gigs as did Ralph, to concentrate on another band he was in at the time. Jeff and I had to rethink our game plan and, after attending a small gig by Michael Rother and Mobius Harmoniawe thought about taking our music in that direction.

More minimal and electronic and layered and textural. The need for beats was hastily sidelined with the arrival of Aidan Searle drums who responded to an ad we had placed and sited his influences as being Kraftwerk, CAN, P.

This made an interesting compliment to Green Is The Colour - Pink Floyd - Soundtrack From The Film More and our combination of styles gelled in quite a unique sound. We gigged in this vein for a year or so before enlisting Maria Charles as a vocalist through fellow Bristolian experimentalists Fuzz Against Junk. It was at this point that we began to structure our material whilst attempting to hold on to our Krautrock inspired roots and accommodating the 'folk' element introduced by Maria vocals.

We hence began work on tracks for our debut album in ". What can you tell me about your forthcoming album? The final track listing is yet to be decided; indeed we Electric Sheep - Chant Dub / Naked Mood still working on the last few tracks. It is a fairly longwinded process, due to the fact that we are not full time musicians and have a limited budget.

The finished album will be a cohesive and confident debut from a band building on a rich musical heritage, both in terms of the city in which we are based, Bristol, and our varied influences. Updates, progress, details of purchasing our music and live dates can be found at our myspace site: www.

Edited by Luca Chino Ferrari. Sedayne October 1, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. I'd agree with that except in my case it would be 44 years. An excellent archive for TEB fans and historians of the era. Thank you! Click on the picture for buying the album. Search This Archive. Click on the picture to purchase the record.

Click on the picture to buy the record. Click on the picture to purchase the item. His last book, published in for English Gonzo Multimedia, is a biography about the English talented jazz piano player Mike Taylor. A very rare sampler from recording sessions i New cover of "Fleance" recorded by Bristolian band Original John Peel sessions still available in the Another gift for TEB's fans: "Ghoo" a.

Click on the picture to buy the CD. Paul Buckmaster at Hyde Park June 7th, Total Pageviews. Read "Necromancers of the drifting West"!!! As alike or unlike as blades of grass or clouds A block to communication. The Centipede "The Centipede was happy, quite, until a Chant Dub - Jah Massa / in fun said: "Pray, which leg goes after which?

Third Ear Band - "Experiences" Harvest Glen Sweeney, Vinci photo: Lucia Baldini. This is Progressive Rock! TEB promo shot photo: Blackhill Enterprises. Eight drunk rugby players "We once had eight drunk rugby players yelling dirty songs at us. German first album edition. A 'cover' of "Fleance". A composition with a sampler of "Stone Circle".

A 'folky' quotation of "Water". The four elements electronically manipulated. A quotations of "Water" recorded in ! A remake of "No title"?! I Monster - "The Art of Chill vol.


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