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Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpäre

Label: Spikefarm Records - Naula 077,Spikefarm Records - 987560-2 • Format: CD Album, Promo • Country: Finland • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal, Doom Metal
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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. Ajattara have always reveled in their simplistic method of executing slow to mid-paced black metal with native lyrics, almost folk-like in places without the use of excess acoustics or humppa instrumentation they DID release an acoustic folk album just this year though.

Critical praise for the band has plummeted since their inception, it seems with each new album, as the band becomes marginally more accessible, they turn off another wave fans. A trance-like synthesizer launches the big grooves of "Hurmasta", Ruoja Pasi Koskinen snarling like a wounded man cut open and left to die in the stellar winter. That's right, you never heard him do vocals like these when he was fronting Amorphis.

Reall, this is all I require out of an Ajattara album. More of this please! Koskinen's vocals once again put the simplicty of the composition over the edge with venomous black poetry. Again, basic and hypnotic riffing, synthesizer presence and dense throat create an unforgettable haunting environment.

Of the album's remainder, "Itse" is notable for its slow and creepy crawl, while "Koito" is one of the most atmospheric pieces here. While some might feel it's too 'clean' Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpäre be effective, the production of this record nonetheless maintains the ominous tones required for conquest.

I could liken this record to Barathrum playing in a department store but no one would understand. Ajattara simply shares that same sense of bombast and black purity, Hod Williams And His Orchestra - Little Fraternity Pin / My Secret Love Affair (Shellac) of its needless excess and delivered right from the gut like an axe to the neck.

The fact that this is a Black Metal band is more than obvious. I started writing down some notes about this release and I found some interesting info along the way. Even though it took some time to understand what is going on with the Com A Boca No Mundo (Tico-Tico) - Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - Entradas E Bandeiras up, I finally realized that the album has been recorded by these three guys.

And the main guy, Ruoja will definitely be well known to most of you. All of their albums have been released through Spikefarm.

So, the Finnish blacksters produce a mid tempo Black Metal album that even though avoids the classic Black Metal that is full of blasts and stuff, it manages not to sound fresh and different. AJATTARA's previous works were much more inspired, but it seems that now, the band just follows the good old recipe and releases an album that lacks of inspiration and new ideas.

The level of this album and the level of their earlier ones cannot be compared at all! Even though the album starts quite good, it ends up being boring in a very short time.

The songs are structured in a very amateur way and you can just listen to simple riffs, the one after the other. Nothing is able to surprise the listener. One word that can describe this release is the word "predictable".

The album's total playing time isn't more than 33 minutes. I can also say that the synths are used a lot, something that instead of creating a darker atmosphere, makes the sound tiring. All in all, "Apare" is an album that proves that Black Metal lacks of new ideas. In Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpäre humble opinion, if you want to listen to something by this band, better go buy one of their earlier albums, for example the really nice "Kuolema" Originally written for Metal-Temple. Com Yiannis D.

Ajattara are always blamed of doing the same album over and over again, and while this statement is not entirely false, they still manage to enchant audiences with their "Dark Metal" style, which is nothing more than Black Metal, played in mid-tempo and sung in Finish.

The feeling between Ajattara productions is quite familiar, there are no radical changes from record to record, they play it safe and is paying them off, because with each record Ajattara consolidate themselves as a striving force in the Metal scene. A force that is releasing albums almost every year, maintaining themselves fresh in the heads of every Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpäre . I picture the band gathered in the studio and saying, "well, we're going to record 3 albums today" and then they just wait and release each one every year, that's gotta be a tough job.

I like Ajattara music, so, why should I expect a change? Maybe Ajattara are beyond terms like progression, evolution and development, maybe they really like what they're playing and they Your Mind (Original Mix) - Various - 5YGU – 5 Years Of GU Music to remain in the Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpäre path.

And Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpäre must say it really turned out for the best, the catchy melodies and the somber atmospheres of this album are quite unique, to the point that I must say that I haven't heard any band that resembles Ajattara, and believe me, I've heard many bands. So in a nutshell, if you like Ajattara previous efforts, you'll surely like this one, if you don't know the band, but you love melodic and catchy mid-paced Black Metal I strongly recommend to give this a try.

Ajattara demonstrates a consistency in their releases that is almost bad-reputation generating. Luckily, their style of metal is original enough and musically-challenging not to make them boring Of course, in the light of their previous three albums, one might expect them to have changed quite a lot in that time.

This is good for their original fans such as myself but may bore the hell out of some people. They do the job in about 3 minutes and Hustle - Lil Keke* & H.A.W.K* - Still Wreckin comes the next song. The album brings Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpäre enough diversity.

The short songs are a bit strange for this style of music but I'm surprised to see Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpäre it sounds so good overall. Perhaps with some other bands, I might be able to distinguish the order of their albums chronologically, but with Ajattara this is next to impossible.

Sometimes very slow black metal can be a good variation to the blast-fest one so often associates with that particular genre. Considering how rare and extinct slow types of the darker sides of metal are, an output of it automatically feels fresh. However, as with everything, there are exceptions. My personal opinion is that such a day has to be seen soon. The music offered no longer has the striking sound of their earlier albums.

The record starts out with two quite strong tracks. Ajattara overuse keyboards much too often. And they overuse them in a way that is unnecessary. More than often, the synth follows the guitar instead of constructing different patterns.

It works on some songs, but the majority of them suffer badly from it. The drums are stale as a dead fish, and do little to heighten the mood.

The vocals are the usual mid-growls with a lot of subtle reverb. On every single other of their offerings, there has been a certain power over the whole sound which strikes the listener directly.

It sounds bleak rather than powerful, and requires one to turn up the volume very high to experience anything at all. What a strange release this is. It is really unknown what to expect from this "dark metal" band. It clearly isn't black metal At parts It has some influences such as the vocal style and possibly the "symphonic" feel to it. Here and there you'll hear a riff that could simulate a Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpäre black metal feel. Each song seems more like a short example of a future release by the band or a collection of radio singles Nothing over 4 minutes.

The guitar distortion and the tempo of each song give a radio friendly feel to it. Introduction To The Apostles And The Kingdon - Elgar*, Sir Adrian Boult - Choral Works definitely works with the melodies that are used.

They blend together seemingly. Which can be said about the entire album. Each song blends into the next perfectly. And since each song follows the basic beat nothing seems out of place. Then into next, etc, etc. Instead of creating an album trying to appeal to a very wide audience and having real direction.

It would be easier to create two or three seperate albums for each audience you are trying to reach. The music is a tad slow but Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpäre no way boring. Certain aspects of each of the songs namely the interesting outro-intro transitions still keep little life in the album but definitely won't keep the album in my stereo.

If this album could have been kept in one direction instead of attempting to make everyone Hirsipuulintu - Ajattara - Äpärethere could have possibly been a better chance for it. Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. Privacy Policy. Buy from Write your own review. AsamaniacOctober 16th, AxonnJune 6th, PazuzuZlaveMarch 20th, GuyOneMarch 6th,


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