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Kitty Kitten - The Cateran - Ache

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Quinlan Kitten [2] with unknown writers. Cat-Man was first published in by various Frank Z. Temerson companies. AC Comics later revived the characters in the s. InTem Publishing Co. Issue 4 featured the origin and first appearance of the Cat-Man. Crash Comics was replaced by Cat-Man Comics in Mayalthough, like its predecessor, this new title was a superhero and adventure anthology merely headlined by the titular character. Cat-Man Comics ran for 33 issues 12 published by Holyoke Publishingwith the last issue being numbered 32 due to some My Dads Dead - Various - Local Anesthetic inconsistencies, throughwhen Temerson's Continental Magazines folded.

David Merrywether Cat-Man was raised in Burma by a tigress after his parents had been killed. From living with tigers for years, he gained superhuman abilities, such as super-strength, enhanced agility, natural night visionand the legendary "9 lives" of cats. Eventually, David returned to the U. To stop this, he became a private investigator. Later, he would become an officer in the US Army.

Assigned to stateside duties, he donned an olive and orange costume with a black cat-head symbol and Kitty Kitten - The Cateran - Ache Cat-Man. In Cat-Man Comics vol. The uncle forced Katie to steal things for him. Kitty Kitten - The Cateran - Ache intervened on her behalf and made sure her uncle was brought to justice. Since she no longer had a guardian, David adopted Katie. She tried to help him fight crime, sewing a matching red and yellow costume and calling herself the Kitten.

At first, David tried to keep her from helping him, but Katie eventually proved herself as his sidekick and the two became partners. As the series continued, Katie matured and David was promoted to the rank of captain. Cat-Man Comics vol. When Cat-Man and Shake It - Left Lane Cruiser & James Leg - Painkillers moved to Central City the Deacon's home town they continued having adventures both in and out of costume.

In this Australian revision, Cat-Man had no secret identity or powers, and continued to wear the Crash Comics outfit. However, Cat-Man was a superb fighter and a brilliant inventorarmed with a Luger pistola pair of night vision goggles with the ability to temporarily blind foes with a light that emanated from the goggles, and a utility belt similar to Batman 's. Cat-Man was based in a mountaintop headquarters, with his primary area of operations being that of the Australian outback.

However, when situations needed, he would range all over the globe to fight crime. The Australian Cat-Man would run for a shorter period than its predecessor, spanning twelve issues.

In the s, Tricho would reprint them as Catman Comics 13— The characters also appeared in the Giant Phantom Comics series.

In the s, publisher AC Comics created a retconned version Kitty Kitten - The Cateran - Ache the characters as part of their universe. In this version, Katie's change from a young girl to an adult was given an explanation: mortally wounded by one of their enemies, Katie's life was saved when Cat-Man transferred one of his 9 lives into her. Underneath The Stars - The Cure - 4:13 Dream, this had the effect of automatically aging her into adulthood, although she Kitty Kitten - The Cateran - Ache retained a child's mentality, causing Cat-Man some consternation in his secret identity.

Eventually, her emotional maturity caught up with her physical form, and the pair were married. They soon after decided to enter the Vault of Superheroesa suspended animation program being run by the US government to preserve heroes should they be needed in the future.

Released from the Vault in the s, they adapted to modern life and became allies to Miss Victory and the members of Femforce. Unfortunately, their primary nemesisDr. Macabre, was also revived from a similar hibernation and continues to pose a threat to the Merryweathers.

AC Comics has printed modern stories of Cat-Man and Kitten in its Men of Mystery anthology; it also reprints some of the Holyoke stories that do not contradict its current continuity. Project Superpowers: Chapter Two showcased an increasing line of public domain superheroes including Cat-Man and Kitten.

After being freed from the urn, the Kitten finds herself allied with several teen sidekicks, including the Boy King and Kitty Kitten - The Cateran - Ache Giant. The group of young heroes sets out to find some of their missing mentors and begin to discover they were not just blessed Kitty Kitten - The Cateran - Ache increased abilities, but in some instances cursed by them.

Kitten discovers Cat-Man living like a feral beast in the jungle. His senses, strength and agility increased to the level of the great cats he emulated. Unfortunately, his intelligence and demeanor regressed to a similar state and the teen heroes had to snare Cat-Man like a wild beast.

Cat-Man and Kitten become pivotal characters in one of the side stories throughout this series. By series end, Cat-Man regains enough of his senses for Kitten to know the man is still inside the beast. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the s Temerson and Holyoke Publishing character. For other characters given this name, as No Id - Various - Entheos Audio Archive 2.0 as other uses, see Catman disambiguation.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved Golden Age of Comic Books. Atomic Mouse Mr. Jones V-Man Wonder Man. Categories : Golden Age superheroes Fictional characters with superhuman strength Comics characters introduced in Hidden categories: Comics infobox image less caption Character pop Converted comics character infoboxes Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Italiano Edit links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Frank Z. TemersonHolyoke Publishing. Crash Comics Adventures 4 Sept. Kitten, in her classic costume. Quinlan and an unknown writer [2].


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